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Paula Hensley San Angelo, TX, Tom Green 2008-01-07
A very wonderful place. My boyfriend and his children enjoyed a good hunt, we had excellent food and pleasureable enviroment. I will recommend the ranch to anyone seeking a good bird hunt. Thanks Mr. Brown and staff. Paulie
Mike Taylor Hallsville TX 2008-01-03
Great hunting experience; courtesy and professional atmosphere.
Brian D. Gray DVM Bartonville Tx 2007-12-31
GREAT HUNT!! Matt is a pleasure to hunt with-excellent working dogs and lots of strong birds make for a fun combination-wish I was there right now!
Ken Ratley Kilgore, TX, USA 2007-12-20
We had an incredible time. This is a very professionally run operation and we look forward to returning for future hunts.
Tom Brandt Houston, TX 2007-12-10
Had a great hunt - look forward to doing this again. Thanks for your hospitality. Tom Brandt
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