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Tom Brandt Midland,Texas 2009-01-05
Matt,Thanks for the great bird hunt. I will forever cherish the memories of hunting with friends and three generations of my family at your ranch. It is truly inspiring to see such good works being done with your wonderful ranch. I look forward to coming back for another hunt!
Mitchell Brandt Midland,TX, USA 2008-12-24
Mr. Brown i really appreciate you giving us the oppurtunity to come down and hunt on your property. It was some of the best hunts that i have been on. Thanks again
Nubbin Fisher Whitehouse, Texas 2008-12-16
First time visitor hunting live quail for christmas
Chris McCroskey Aubrey, TX 2008-12-16
Matt thanks for a great hunt this past Sunday. I wish it would have been colder but we still hit some nice coveys. I look forward to our next hunt the day after Christmas. Thanks, Chris
Raymond Woodward Tyler, TX 2008-11-25
Great time! Plenty of birds, great guide & dogs, very comfortable & hospitable setting. Good chow, too. Lots of wild quail -- no problems with sluggish, pen-raised birds. And it's so close to home - about 4 hours from Tyler - that the trip is painless. I didn't want to come home and I do plan to go back at the first decent excuse. Do yourself a favor & go hunting with Matt Brown. Better yet, take a couple of young folks with you like I did, and they'll get ''broke-in'' correctly.
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