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Mitchell Brandt Midland,TX, USA 2008-12-24
Mr. Brown i really appreciate you giving us the oppurtunity to come down and hunt on your property. It was some of the best hunts that i have been on. Thanks again
Nubbin Fisher Whitehouse, Texas 2008-12-16
First time visitor hunting live quail for christmas
Chris McCroskey Aubrey, TX 2008-12-16
Matt thanks for a great hunt this past Sunday. I wish it would have been colder but we still hit some nice coveys. I look forward to our next hunt the day after Christmas. Thanks, Chris
Raymond Woodward Tyler, TX 2008-11-25
Great time! Plenty of birds, great guide & dogs, very comfortable & hospitable setting. Good chow, too. Lots of wild quail -- no problems with sluggish, pen-raised birds. And it's so close to home - about 4 hours from Tyler - that the trip is painless. I didn't want to come home and I do plan to go back at the first decent excuse. Do yourself a favor & go hunting with Matt Brown. Better yet, take a couple of young folks with you like I did, and they'll get ''broke-in'' correctly.
Preston Steele Tyler, Texas 2008-11-25
Thank you Mr.Brown i had a great time hunting with you and your dogs. I look forward to coming back.
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