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Jack Anderson Norman, Oklahoma 2009-12-14
Matt: Thanks for the great time. You have a quality place and the best flying quail I have seen in a hunting preserve. I look forward to the next hunt with you and your family in 2010.
Stewart Hoge Dallas, Texas 2009-12-14
First time, and it won't be my last. This place has it all: great location, great terrain, great company, great food, and most importantly, a lot of birds. It was virtually impossible to tell the difference between the pen-raised birds and the wild birds, and both types are plentiful. Be sure to bring enough ammo, because you'll definitely get a lot of shots. A sincere thanks to Matt and his family for a great hunt and great hospitality. I'll see you in 2010.
John Amaroufi Arlington, TX 2009-12-08
My second time hunting there. Great people, lots of birds, great dogs. Would definitely go and recommend again. Thanks!
Sonny Wagner Lewisville 2009-12-07
Great hunt , I have hunted the ranch twice , and killed alot of birds both times , Thanks Matt
Erich Flower Mound, TX 2009-12-03
Took my 65 year old dad. Very easy walk, beautiful land and tree/fence lines. Wasn't a walk down cut rows of corn. Even some wooded areas. Birds flew well, no hoopers. Not once. Nice lunch afterwards to top off a really nice hunt.
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