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Tom Garrison Ft Worth 2010-12-08
Great hunt! The dogs were marvelous and the birds were flying fast. All in all a great day capped off with a really good lunch.
Danny hammer Decatur,Tx 2010-11-12
Mat,I just got home from our hunt just a line to let you know how much I ejoyed hunting with you and those great dogs of yours. There was plenty of birds and plenty of shooting. Had an excellant lunch also Looking forward to next time. Oh hope you find your dog. Thanks for a great hunt.
Jim Cunningham Tyler, TX 2010-10-31
Matt, Thanks again for an outstanding hunt.This is my 3rd hunt with you and it gets better every time.Big John Gerdes got his first pheasant and is hooked.I want everyone to know there may be other ''fancy'' places, but as far as facilities, birds and just great hospitality, you will not find a better place. I am a member of the Dallas Safari Club and SCI International. I also own a ranch in New Mexico and I do not hesitate in recommending Brown Ranch as a great hunting and family destination.
James Tolbert Richardson, Texas 2010-02-05
Matt, Thanks again for a great hunt and generous hospitality from your entire staff. Patricio and Juanita's kids were the best mannered and polite helpers that any of our group has ever witnessed. They have to be proud. The food was awesome and we all kinda missed the New Mexico flavor after we left. Can't wait to come back.
Chris Schaded Corpus Christi, Texas 2010-02-03
Matt and Tyler, Great hunt! The birds flew great, you gentlemen were excellent hosts and it will be a lifetime memory. It was capped off with a wonderful lunch. Thanks again for your hospitality and exceptional hunt!
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