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Jeff Jones Decatur, Texas 2004-01-14
4 hunts and 4 great experiences. I would come up just to watch the dogs work or I'd come just for the lunch. Throw in all the birds, plenty of shooting and a relaxing atmosphere and it's just an awesome day. I can't tell you how much I enjoy it other than to sign up for another hunt...and another...and another. Thanks for packaging so much fun into your product.
Travis Tuttle Frisco, TX. (Near Dallas) 2004-01-13
Matt, there's no way in such a short blurb I can do you, Sherry, and your game ranch justice. I've hunted a number of operations and none have won my heart they way yall have. The hunting is the most challenging pen raised hunting I've ever done. Your hospitality is top notch. Blanca's cooking is un-beatable. And the over all experience is beyond description. I would recommend your place to anyone!
Jason Maresh Denison, Texas 2004-01-13
An outstanding afternoon of upland hunting...right here in North Central Texas. Well trained dogs who work as a team, plenty of opportunities for shots, extremely knowledgeable guide who with his dogs works hard for the hunters, and a hearty meal to end the day. We will be back soon.
Glenn Pere' Denison, TX 2004-01-12
What a terrific hunt! This was our 2nd hunt in three weeks and it was every bit as fun as the first. Plenty of birds to hunt, great dogs to work with, an oustanding guide and a fantastic meal to finish off a great experience. We will be making this a regular event!
Matt Pere` Denison, TX 2004-01-12
What a terrific hunt! We had a great time and a great hunt with a lot of shooting. It is truly an upland hunter's dream with top notch dogs that are the best ''pointer's'' I have seen. The food is amazing too by the way. I am looking forward to the next hunt.
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