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John Bentley Scottsdale, AZ 2005-11-28
Matt, Thanks so much for a wonderful hunt for me and my boys. I was really impressed with the amount of native bobwhite you have on your ranch. I also appreciate the shooting tips you passed along to Miller. His hit rate improved significantly on the second hunt. Thanks again for everything.
sid stallings sr houston, texas 2005-11-15
matt: trip was experince we often do not get anymore, thnaks abunch. regards, sid
Tom Brandt Houston,TX 2005-11-14
We have a really good hunt and it was a pleasure to hunt with a good Christian man. I appreciate your prayers before meals and the hunt. Thanks again and best wishes in all you do.
Mark Duncum Decatur, Texas 2005-11-08
We had a truly great hunt on a day when hunting conditions were less than perfect (85 degrees in November). Matt Brown began the day as our guide but quickly became a friend instead. In spite of the heat, the dogs worked great. One of the best bird hunts I've ever been on. The meal and visiting afterwards was a great end to a great day. Thanks Matt for making it special.
Charlie Thompson Springtown, Texas, USA 2005-10-30
We had a great hunt and just wanted to say ''thanks'' to Matt and his group for a great time. The quail were plentiful and the day was topped off with a wonderful meal!! I look forward to my next visit as I know the day will be a great day out hunting with friends. I hope to book the European Hunt soon so I'll be back in touch!! ''Thanks'' again!
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