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Jimmy Wray Austin, Tx 2005-12-23
Thanks again for a great time and a great hunt. This is our 3rd year to hunt with you and each year it gets better. Looking forward to next year.
Todd Bentley Lubbock, TX 2005-12-03
Matt! Thanks for the awesome upland hunt! I was not expecting to see covey after covey of wild quail. That sure made it a special hunt. Thanks also for all the tips and advice on training dogs. I hope you continue to have a great season.
Michael Booth - Bovis Lend Lease Carrollton, Texas 2005-12-02
Matt, Everyone in our group enjoyed the hunt and appreciated the hospitality. The amount of birds we had an opportunity to shoot was amazing. Your property is definitely a sight to see. We appreciated your concern for safety, as it is our #1 priority in the construction business also. Thanks again for a wonderful time of fellowship. We look forward to booking another trip with you soon.
Will Bentley Scottsdale Arizona 2005-11-30
Mr. Brown The hunt on your ranch was defientley a memorable one. I was very impressed with the land and the amount of birds it holds. I had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to a archery deer hunt.
John Bentley Scottsdale, AZ 2005-11-28
Matt, Thanks so much for a wonderful hunt for me and my boys. I was really impressed with the amount of native bobwhite you have on your ranch. I also appreciate the shooting tips you passed along to Miller. His hit rate improved significantly on the second hunt. Thanks again for everything.
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